Other Services


E-Statements are a digital, secure and environmentally-friendly form of your bank statement. 

Cashiers Checks

When a personal check is not accepted, Cashiers Checks are a great medium of exchange. The check has already been paid for at the bank so the person accepting the check knows it¹s a good check.

Online Banking Transfer

Our Online Banking customers can conveniently transfer between their accounts, any time, day or night! Sign up for the convenience of Online Banking and Online Bill Pay.

Automatic Transfers

A great way to save money every payday. We can set up your account to automatically transfer money to another account as often as you prefer. Call us for more details on how the set up automatic transfer.

Wire Transfers

A safe way to transfer money between banks. We offer both domestic and international wire transfer services. Call for details.

Direct Deposit

Today, most employers, the Social Security Administration and other agencies prefer to send payments by Direct Deposit. It¹s safe, secure and convenient. We can help you arrange for Direct Deposits. Call or stop by for more information.

Night Depository

We provide this service as a convenience to our business customers. A night depository box is located at each office. If you need to make a deposit and the bank is already closed for the day or you're unable to use the ATM machine to make your deposit, you can drop your deposit in the Night Depository. You must stop by and sign up for the service.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe Deposit Boxes offer you safe, secure storage for important documents and keepsakes. Prices vary according to the size of the box. Call your nearest branch for more information. The FDIC does not insure safe deposit box contents.

Notary Public

Need a document or signature notarized? We provide this service to our banking customers at no charge.