Our new Contactless Platinum Rewards Business Credit Card delivers the savings your business deserves with the added benefits you'll enjoy when you use it to help manage your expenses. Whether you are purchasing office supplies or equipment, filling up the tank, or paying for daily expenses – make sure you use your Bank of Marion Platinum Rewards Card and reap the benefits. 

The Bank of Marion's Contactless Platinum Rewards Business Credit Card.


Take a look:

Contactless "tap and go" Technology

Our contactless card uses near-field technology (NFC.) When you hold the contactless card near a terminal equipped to process it, or when you tap the card on the terminal, your transaction is completed instantly. With Tap and Go, there is no need to touch the terminal. And the EMV chip means more security from fraud.




  • Earn Rewards Points for every net retail purchase you make. You earn one point per dollar spent.
  • Redeem your Rewards Points for brand-name merchandise and travel awards.
  • Earn cash with every purchase made if you choose CashBack as a redemption option.
  • Redeem Rewards Points for fuel discounts. Save up to $0.50 per gallon at BP, Amoco, Shell, and Citgo stations.

Once you receive your new Rewards Credit Card, you will be invited to access our SCORECARD website for a world of rewards and benefits. Be sure to register on the SCORECARD site as soon as you receive your card so you can track and start using your points. You can visit and browse current award selections even before you receive your Rewards Card.

Your monthly SCORECARD eStatement will keep you updated on the Rewards Points you have earned and gives you the latest information on merchandise and travel promotions, hot deals, seasonal promotions, games, and bonus point opportunities.


Low Rate of Prime + 2.00%

This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.

Enjoy a low APR on purchases, cash advances, and even balance transfers from other cards.


No Annual Fee

Another money-saving benefit.


Added Security of EMV Chip Technology

Enhanced security is built into your card to help protect you from fraud, so you can shop and travel with confidence.


Personal Assistance Available, 24/7

Have a question about your card or your benefits? We're here for you around the clock. 1-800-423-7503


Small business using their Bank of Marion Contactless Platinum Business Rewards Credit Card.


Sign up today for all the benefits of our great new Business Platinum Rewards Credit Card!


  • Request an application form at any of our branch banks.


  • Call us at 276.783.3116 and request that we mail you an application form.


Please allow up to two billing cycles for bonus points to be awarded to your account. Points earned on net retail purchase only and excludes balance transfers, cash transactions and fees paid. Points are removed if a purchase is returned.

(Our Classic Credit Card does not earn rewards.)

Subject to credit approval. Some restrictions may apply.