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I see a TERMS & CONDITIONS form when I log in to Online Banking. What’s that all about and what should I do?

Our new Personal Financial Management (PFM) system is now available to our Online Banking Customers. You may have seen a new TERMS & CONDITIONS form when you last logged in to Online Banking. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you will have access to this powerful financial management tool. Just click AGREE on the form.

You don’t wish to have access to our personal financial management tool at this time, you can click DISAGREE and opt in at a later date.

Whether you click AGREE or DISAGREE, you will immediately proceed to your own Online Banking Homepage as usual.

FYI, this is what the agreement looks like on a smartphone:

Example of PFM Terms & Conditions page


FYI, this is what the PFM menu looks like on a smartphone:

Example of PFM menu on a smartphone.



FYI, this is what the agreement looks like on a desktop:

Example of PFM Terms & Conditions on desktop.


FYI, this is what the PFM menu looks like on a desktop:

Example of PFM menu on desktop


If you have any questions about our Personal Financial Management tool, please call us.

We think it’s a very effective way to manage all of your finances!

I notice that when I attempt to make a large online transfer of funds from one of my accounts to another, I get a “secure access code” prompt. What’s up with that?

This is an important security procedure that protects your accounts. We want to make sure that it’s you who is making the transfer and not an imposter. Customers making such an account-to-account transfer of $2,500 or more will be prompted to use a secure access code. Simply select the method by which you want to receive the access code, then type it into the space provided and your transfer will be made immediately and securely.

How do I access my bill pay history in Online Bill Pay?

  1. Log in to Online Banking
  2. Select BillPay from the left navigation menu
  3. The Payments screen will load showing your list of payees
  4. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page
  5. You will see two links: View History and View Pending
  6. Select View History
  7. The Payment History screen will load
  8. Select the Transactions Tab drop down arrow
  9. Click on “History prior to 11/14/2018”

The Prior History screen will load

Are there minimum browser requirements for online banking?

The only browser requirement is that your browser must be HTML5 compatible. We recommend updating your browser to the latest version available - not just to ensure compatibility with the new online banking experience, but also to ensure that your online banking is as secure as possible. Browsers below the following versions are not supported:

  • Chrome, Version 30
  • Internet Explorer, Version 11 
  • Firefox, Version 24
  • Safari, Version 6                                                                                                                      

Can I use online banking on my phone/tablet?

Absolutely. You can bank anytime, anywhere, from any device, conveniently and securely. You can download our mobile app on any Android or Apple device and it will provide a unified banking experience.  If you’re on a platform other than Android or Apple, you can always access online banking via your HTML5-compatible mobile browser?

I’m a Quicken user. What do I need to do to use Quicken in Online Banking?

You may need to modify your Quicken settings to ensure smooth transition of your data.  


We want you to be happy with our Online Banking system and its many features and capabilities. If you have any issues or questions, please contact us for assistance.