150th Anniversary Trivia


Welcome to our 150th Anniversary Trivia Game! It’s just a quick and fun way to impart a feeling for the long history of our bank. 150 years in business is a rare accomplishment and we’re very proud of our heritage and our continuing record of service to our customers, friends, and communities.


The Bank of Marion Trivia




June 17 question - Which came first, The Bank of Marion or Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulb?

Answer – The Bank of Marion was founded in 1874. Thomas Edison made his incandescent light bulb in 1879, which could “burn long enough to be practical to light a home for many hours,” according to The Thomas Edison National Park. This paved the way for universal electric lighting.


June 10 question - Who was President of the United States when The Bank of Marion was founded?

Answer – Ulysses S. Grant was president of the United States in 1874, the year The Bank of Marion was founded. He went on to serve in that capacity until March 4, 1877.


June 3 question - What great American sports event also celebrates its 150th Anniversary this year?

Answer - The Kentucky Derby. 2024 saw the 150th running of this great and enduring sporting event.