Go GREEN! Go Paperless.


How to enroll in eStatements:

*You must sign up for online banking to enroll in eStatements. At this time, e-statements are only available for checking accounts.


Step 1:

Log in to Online Banking using your login ID and password. Answer security question if applicable. (Normally you are only asked to do this if logging in from an unrecognized computer/device)


Step 2:

Verify your email address. If we do not have your correct email address you will continue to get paper statements. Click Other Services and check your address towards the bottom. Make any necessary changes and then click Submit. Confirm your changes afterward.


Step 3:

Go back up towards the top-left and click Accounts > Statements > Edit eStatement Preferences.


Step 4:

Click Edit, and then click the button next to Go Paperless and then click Submit.


Step 5:

Read the eStatement disclosures. Scroll to bottom and select Accept.


Step 6:

Demonstrable consent verifies that you can read eStatements on your device, which are delivered as a .pdf file type. Click on Download Confirmation Code and then open the pop-up. Enter the code you receive into the field marked Enter Confirmation Code. Click Submit.

Note: If you can't open the .pdf file with the confirmation code, you may not have a .pdf viewer. You can download one for free here.


Congratulations, you are enrolled!