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Frequently Asked Question about Mobile Banking

What is Mobile Banking?
Mobile Banking provides secure access from most mobile devices. You can access your current bank account information through text, mobile web browser or mobile apps including your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Does Mobile Banking cost anything?
No. Mobile Banking is a free service provided by The Bank of Marion and our Hometown Community Branch Banks. Of course, your mobile device message and data rates may apply.

How do I enroll in Mobile Banking?
You must first enroll in our regular internet (online) banking service. If you are not already one of our internet banking customers, you can enroll by going to our Web site www.bankofmarionva.com and clicking on ONLINE BANKING. Once you have enrolled in internet banking and you have been provided us with a User ID and password, sign into your internet banking account, click on the OTHER SERVICES tab and then click on the MOBILE BANKING tab. You must agree to the terms and conditions and provide us with your cell phone number, a mobile User ID and pin number.

Is Mobile Banking safe?
Yes. Mobile Banking uses state of the art security and personal information is not transmitted to your phone. When setting up your mobile banking, you will provide nicknames for your accounts. We will not transmit any account numbers, so it is important to set up nicknames so you will be able to identify your accounts.

What type of device is required for Mobile Banking?
You can perform Mobile Banking transactions with most smart phones. If you can text you can obtain account information. If you wish to download an app to your smart phone you can go to “Google Play” and download our app free of charge. If you are an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch user, go to the iTunes store and download The Bank of Marion app free of charge.

What accounts can I have access to through Mobile Banking?
You have mobile access to any accounts that you can access through our regular internet banking: checking, savings, certificates of deposit and loans. You can choose the level of access you desire. If you wish to have “view only” access, just let us know when you enroll into internet banking. You can also transfer funds between your accounts with the appropriate level of access. If you have questions about access rights feel free to contact our customer service line at 276-783-3116. We can establish the appropriate level of access for you.

How much transaction history is available through Mobile Banking?
You will have access to the last 30 days of history through Mobile Banking.

What if my mobile phone is lost or stolen?
Personal information is not stored on the device but if you lose your mobile phone you should contact the bank at 276-783-3116.  As a safety precaution you should use password protection to activate your phone.  You can also un-enroll from mobile banking through your internet banking service under the OTHER SERVICES tab.

We strongly suggest that you protect your mobile device’s keypad for added security.

What if I change my mobile phone number?
You must go into your internet banking account and click the OTHER SERVICES tab and make the telephone number correction.  You can also contact us at 276-783-3116.  Upon confirmation of your identity we can assist you in making the change.

What does SMS mean?
SMS means Short Messaging Service which is more commonly called Text Messaging.

How do I cancel my Mobile Banking service?
To cancel, log in to your internet banking account and un-enroll your mobile services under the OTHER SERVICES tab.  Using text messaging you can cancel your service by Texting to 469228, and using one of the following commands:


What are some of the other commands for Texting requests?

With any of these commands, you will receive the balance on every account you have on your Online Banking profile.

B or BAL  (Nickname)

Balance on all accounts or only on Nickname Account

Statement (Nickname)
Transactions (Nickname)
Transactions on an account
Detail  (Nickname) Detail on an account
X or Xfer (Nickname)         Transfer from Bank of Marion account to another Bank of Marion Account
Help or Help All Help instructions

What is your Customer Support Number?
Our number is 276-783-3116 or you may email us at IBSSUPPORT@BOMVA.COM.


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